34 Austrian athletes keen for medals

Last updated on 19.05.2023

The countdown is on: 34 Austrian athletes have been nominated to participate in the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships 2023 (WMTRC) in the Innsbruck-Stubai region. From June 6 to 10, they will compete against contenders from around the world on four different routes: Vertical, Mountain Classic, Trail Short and Trail Long.

The WMTRC in Tyrol are approaching – and they are approaching fast. With about two weeks to go before the starting gun is about to be fired, the national teams for the WMTRC 2023 have been nominated and we expect to welcome 1,600 participants from 70 nations.

Austrian Athletics Federation to send 34 athletes

The Austrian Athletics Federation ÖLV has nominated 34 athletes to participate in the WMTRC, to be held in the Innsbruck-Stubai region, who will compete on four different routes, namely the Vertical, the Mountain Classic, the Trail Short and the Trail Long.

“It is great to have 34 athletes representing Austria at the WMTRC held on home turf – it is the first time we are seeing such a large delegation for an event of that kind,” WMTRC organizer Alexander Pittl says. “This attests to the qualities of the Austrian runners on the one hand and to the dedication and commitment of the Austrian Athletics Federation on the other hand. Apart from the Austrian team, we are expecting an additional 69 nations in Tyrol, and we are looking forward to seeing some exciting races and top performances.”

Keen competition at the WMTRC 2023

It is one thing to be nominated to participate and compete against the world elite but it is another thing altogether to actually finish on the podium. The competition is fierce in all four disciplines.

WMTRC 2023_Andrea Mayr-Helmut Schmuck -c- OELV-privat
Helmut Schmuck (r.) with Austria’s greatest medal hope Andrea Mayr. © ÖLV / privat

When asked about potential medal contenders in mountain running, Helmut Schmuck, two-time World and European Mountain Running Champion as well as holder of several Austrian Marathon Champion titles, says: “Andrea Mayr’s best chances are in the Vertical, and the ladies might stand a chance of winning a medal in the team contest; in the other contests, we are outsiders. I would be delighted to see an Austrian take home a medal, and even more so if it was two – but the competition is really fierce.”

WMTRC 2023_Gerhard Schiemer -c- privat
Gerhard Schiemer is a former World Cup participant, ultra runner, coach and “trail running pope” of Austria. © privat

When asked about potential medal contenders in trail running, Gerhard Schiemer, former World Championship contestant, ultra runner, coach and Austrian trail running legend, says: “I think we stand our best chances in the team contests, especially the Trail Short for men. Esther Fellhofer is our biggest hope for the long distance. The men’s team set-up is promising and I think that Mario Weiss and Alexander Hutter might make a really good impression. It will be difficult to win medals – but the final chapter has not yet been written.”

Austrian WMTRC team

These are the athletes nominated by the Austrian Athletics Federation ÖLV: Andrea Mayr (SV Schwechat), Karin Freitag (LG-Decker Itter), Sandrina Illes (Union St.Pölten), Anna Plattner (LG-Decker Itter), Manuel Innerhofer (LC Oberpinzgau), Martin Enzenberger (TGW Zehnkampf-Union), Martin Mattle (TrailMotion Tirol), Florian Zeisler (IRL-Team HAPPY FITNESS 24h), Bernadette Schuster (SK VÖEST), Fabiola Fortschegger (U20) (Union Raika Lienz), Hanna Galler (U20) (Kolland Topsport Gaal), Fabian Hennerbichler (U20) (TGW Zehnkampf-Union), Maximilian Meusburger (U20) (im Wald läuft`s), Niklas Scherb (U20) (TGW Zehnkampf-Union), Isabell Bichler (LC-Niederwies-Kössen), Johanna Hiemer (Union Pottenstein), Anja Neumann (A.H. De Bettin Sparkasse SKG), Michaela Pilat (Austrian Skyrunning & Trailrunning Association), Hans-Peter Innerhofer (LC Oberpinzgau), Sebastian Falkensteiner (LC Oberpinzgau), Gerhard Kaufmann (Sparkasse SG Götzis), Dominik Matt (LG-Decker Itter), Andreas Rieder (LG-Decker Itter), Bruno Schumi (LG-Decker Itter), Esther Fellhofer (SC LT Breitenbach), Veronika Haas (LC Waldviertel), Yvonne Keil (SK Rueckenwind), Claudia Rosegger (Kolland Topsport Gaal), Florian Grasel (Ultralaufteam Heustadlwasser), Jakob Herrmann (Kolland Topsport Gaal), Alexander Hutter (TEAM F7), Michael Skobierski (team2012.at), Christian Stern (SV Raiba Stubai), Mario Weiss (ULC Riverside Mödling).

Stubai Ultratrail_Stern-Hutter -c- TVB Stubai Tirol
Trailrunners from the Stubai Valley and local heroes: Christian Stern (l.) and Alexander Hutter (r.) © TVB Stubai Tirol


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