A jubilant Olympiaregion Seefeld is awarded the Nordic Ski World Championships 2019

The WM delegation of Seefeld in Barcelona
The WM delegation of Seefeld in Barcelona ©Tourist Board Olympiaregion Seefeld

Incredible scenes of jubilation broke out in Barcelona after FIS President, Gian Franco Kasper, announced the chosen host resort for the Nordic Ski World Championships 2019. The sensation was complete. Seefeld is the first resort ever to be awarded this major Nordic event at the first attempt, winning out over Oberstdorf in the end round by one vote.

All the preparations proved worthwhile. An exhibition stand created by Martin Albrecht, from the Designerschmiede Leutasch, received a lot of attention and the catering, prepared by the company Plangger and served by staff from the tourist office and Seefeld Ski Club, reinforced the authenticity of the Seefeld bid.

In the run-up, the mayor, Mag. Werner Friesser, and the tourist office director, Markus Tschoner, had visited most of the FIS board members in order to speak to them personally and tell them about the benefits not only of Seefeld but of the Olympiaregion Seefeld as a whole. The advertising drum was beaten heavily on behalf of the Austrian Ski Association by its president, Peter Schröcksnadel, and his personal on-the-spot support was significant in the lead up to the ultimate sensation as Seefeld narrowly beat the fourth-time candidate Oberstdorf. In the concluding presentation for the FIS Council, Seefeld’s candidature received further support with the arrival of the Deputy Governor, Josef Geisler, representing the State of Tyrol.

With the advertising marathon of the last few weeks over, the organising committee around Mag. Werner Friesser, mayor and ski club chairman, made its way home to Seefeld. On arrival the group was treated to a huge World Championship party in the Seefeld pedestrian zone with a band made up of members from all of the plateau municipalities, a delegation from the Seefeld Rifle Brigade and Schuhplattler dancers, as well as numerous local residents and guests.

The Nordic Ski World Championships 2019 in the Olympiaregion Seefeld have come at the best possible time. At the last tourist board general meeting, it was announced that the focus would be on a “Nordic Lifestyle“ with the aim of becoming the top cross-country area. The foundations have been laid for a great event in 2019, as per the slogan “Hand in Hand – let’s celebrate a Nordic Festival“.