A Tyrolean success story: SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental

Last updated on 18.10.2022

Wow! So big and so close

In existence since 1977, SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental offers nine valley resorts with 83 modern lifts, 270 km of pistes and over 80 mountain huts. This makes SkiWelt one of the largest – but also one of the greenest – ski areas in the world.

Brixen im Thale, Ellmau, Going, Hopfgarten, Itter, Scheffau, Söll, Westendorf and Kirchberg: these nine valley resorts make up SkiWelt and represent the starting points for one of the world’s largest ski areas. Massive investments for the comfort of skiers are made each year in every one.


SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental celebrates its 45th anniversary:

The cable car operators in the Brixental and on the Wilder Kaiser began working together in 1977. It was only through this cooperation that their survival was ensured: their common vision was to merge and become Austria’s largest ski area. This they managed to achieve through considerable effort, commitment and continuous investment. For more than 30 years now SkiWelt has been Austria’s largest connected ski area: an investment of over half a billion euros has created SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental, not only one of the largest, but also one of most modern and successful ski destinations in the world. Groundbreaking projects included Europe’s longest funicular railway, opened in SkiWelt Ellmau in 1970, Europe’s first 8-seater chairlift in SkiWelt Söll, opened in 1988, and the world’s first solar-powered lift in SkiWelt Brixen, opened in 2008. For many years SkiWelt has been using solely 100% green electricity and snowmaking facilities and, in 2017, it received the “Telegraph World Snow Award”, the first time this has ever gone to a ski area: since then, its environmentally friendly skiing setup has annually been “snowed” with regular awards. skiwelt.at

Special offers for our 45th anniversary

3 days’ skiing for 45 euros a day

SkiWelt is offering 1977 tickets for sale in our SkiWelt online shop while stocks last.

Promotion days: 15.12.2022, 19.01.2023, 23.03.2023

Early bird bonus until end-February                

Buy a ski pass from 3 days for the period 18.03.–10.04.2023 from the SkiWelt online shop until end-February

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NEW: energy costs reduced by 50% in SkiWelt Ellmau and SkiWelt Scheffau

Technological and ecological innovation is a top priority at SkiWelt. In 2022, 14 million euros were invested in conserving resources by optimising artificial snow production at SkiWelt Ellmau and expanding the photovoltaic systems. Enlarging the Hartkaiser and Tanzboden storage basins means that the ski area can now be fully covered with snow in just four days – twice as fast and a quarter less expensive than before. The valley and mountain stations in SkiWelt Ellmau have also received with 350 kW peak PV systems, thus halving the additional electricity demand and energy costs. SkiWelt Scheffau has also invested in more PV systems and optimised snowmaking by merging the Scheffau and Brixen basins. Finally, as of this winter in SkiWelt Ellmau there is now an official, secured ski safari route up to the Bergkaiser mountain station.

Bewitching offers in SkiWelt Söll

Starting this winter, SkiWelt Söll offers two official, secured ski safari routes up to the Hexenwasser mountain station and the Keat Almen. In addition to ten kilometres of floodlit slopes, SkiWelt Söll also offers 7.3 km of illuminated toboggan runs. An additional experience on skis for large and small alike is the “Raven’s Rally” that leads across SkiWelt Söll from the Raven’s Nest at the mountain station of the Hexenwasser gondola: the aim along the way (both for witches and others) is to find all five flyaway ravens. Finders are rewarded with coins bearing various motifs from the witches’ treasure in the Raven’s Nest. The gondola ride too will provide a magical experience from 2022: the private Hexenwasser gondola can be hired for two hours in the day or during night skiing hours, with chilled sparkling wine, snacks and a musical accompaniment. Details and online booking at: shop.skiwelt.at

Scheffau ski school: mini carver skis from a 3D printer

Play is important if the little ones are to have fun skiing, so the Scheffau Ski School makes sure kids get plenty of fun and motivation. New hologram technology is used in the weatherproof tunnel for the super-wide conveyor belt in the KinderKaiserland, where mascot Snoki shows how to practise the moves from the ski courses in animated 3D films: snow ploughing, cornering – and of course braking in a correct, controlled manner. Ski school head Gerhard Told has a special talent for teaching skiing to little ones in a playful way. His latest idea is a mini carver ski made on using a 3D printer: the prototype weighs just 160 grams with a binding that is especially suitable for children’s boots, allowing kids to take their first steps in the snow without heavy ski boots. The KinderKaiserland also offers a 45-minute adventure programme for all junior skiers every Saturday afternoon. skiwelt.at/families

SkiWelt event tips

SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental is not only incredibly big, but also incredibly festive. Up on the Hartkaiser, the Ellmau Mountain Advent – held on Fridays and Saturdays from 02. to 17.12.2022 and additionally on 08.12.2022 – invites visitors young and old to hike along the Mountain Advent Trail in the run-up to Christmas through a magical world of deep snow to see beautifully decorated stalls, listen to Christmas stories or enjoy traditional Advent delicacies – a special experience that will last long in the memory.

Snow, music & incredibly good fun During the Hut Party Weeks (10.-26.03.2023), over 80 welcoming, privately run SkiWelt huts & mountain restaurants will take it in turns to provide live music to get guests into a good mood. From traditional folk music, DJs and electro through to jazz and boogie, rock and cool beats, there are sure to be sounds for everyone! In addition, from Monday to Friday the 22 professional ski schools are offering guests a daily guided ski day through the SkiWelt free of charge (registration necessary). Then at the end of March comes the next highlight: the Winter Woodstock festival of brass band music (24-26.03.2023) with 40 music groups and bands. For all events see: skiwelt.at/events


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