Trend Adventure Travel: Adrenaline underground – Caving on a vacation in the Imst outdoor region

Last updated on 18.06.2024

Imst/Tyrol, June 2024. Adventure travel is one of the travel trends in 2024. adventure to the next level with “caving”. Dark corridors and bottomless thrills await brave explorers. Bizarre rock formations, mysterious tunnels and deep darkness are attracting more and more adventurers under their spell. Caving during a stay in the Imst outdoor region, an adrenaline-filled adrenaline-charged journey through the mysterious cave systems, brave souls discover the mountain world from a different perspective. The popular cave trekking leads into the depths of the the depths of the mountains instead of the summits.

Expedition into the darkness
In the Amberg near Haiming guests can expect a unique expedition into an underground underground tunnel system from the Second World War. The departure into the into the unknown begins for all those who who love the extreme, with pure thrill: 100 meters down into the seemingly down into the seemingly bottomless darkness, at the only abseiling point in the entire tunnel. Equipped with climbing harness, helmet and headlamp you overcome the ventilation shaft, before heading further into the mountain.
Here, in the heart of the mountain, there is complete complete darkness – an experience that sharpens the senses and tests the nerves and puts your nerves to the test, especially crossing narrow passages. Thanks to modern caving equipment all hurdles are mastered with ease, including including the exit via the pressure tunnel. This has an incline of 45°, is 250 meters long and is climbed with the help of a steel cable that serves as a railing and provides support.

For all those who do not want to embark on the extreme tour, the tunnel hike. It is less physically demanding, but also leads into the darkness – from the back of the mountain into the tunnel, once through it, with a view of the the valley at the end and then back to the entry point, which is also the exit.
It is important to dress warmly for all tours, as the temperature underground is only around a humid
eight degrees Celsius underground. The unusual discovery tours are accompanied by guides who ensure safety and tell the incredible story of the secret “Zitteraal” project. Of the secret “electric eel” project.

The shadowy realm of history
The Amberg is more than just an adventure playground. Here, in the depths of the Austrian mountains, you will not only find breathtaking nature, but also history. During the Second World War, the tunnel system was intended to become part of Europe’s largest hydroelectric power station. But the project was never completed. Caving in the Imst outdoor region, you can still find traces of this gigantic project at every turn. In a mixture of fascination and disbelief, you are confronted with the ruins of
the ruins of old buildings that cast their distorted shadows on the rock faces.

Adventure travel at the limit
The tours, which last around three to four hours depending on the provider (around 1.5-2 hours underground) offer impressions that no one will forget in a hurry. The limits of perception are explored in absolute blackness. The combination of historical scenery, physical challenge and darkness creates experiences beyond the comfort zone.
Caving is therefore not for the faint-hearted. A good physical condition and climbing experience. Fear of the dark, height or confined spaces is counterproductive. For active people, however, who fearlessly
the depths of the earth like Indiana Jones, caving during a holiday in the Caving during a vacation in the Imst outdoor region is an extraordinary adventure. Without exception, all tours are led by certified guides and include a safety talk as well as a safety talk as well as an introduction. Caving can be booked directly via FANKY: and via AREA 47 or the Adventure Company Outdoor Planet.