Galtür Nordic Volumes: a cross-country event tip

Last updated on 15.12.2022

Between 31 March and 2 April 2023, cross-country skiers can participate in various competitions and test the latest equipment from Fischer at the 2nd Galtür Nordic Volumes. The event programme includes the well-known Galtür Nordic Night Race, the schoolchildren’s race, the three-man Galtür XC Team Relay, and the Galtür Cross Country Climb. A total of 10,000 euros will be awarded as prize money. Registration is now open!

The Galtür cross-country ski competition is the perfect place for cross-country skiers who crave competition. A three-day cross-country event series called Galtür Nordic Volumes will bring together hobby skiers and professionals on Galtür trails, some of which may even count towards the Austria Cup. As part of the programme: A night-time cross-country sprint on the plain is scheduled for the 4th Galtür Nordic Night Race. There will be a school race for kids over 5 kilometres and a three-man relay Galtür XC Team Relay over approximately 3 to11 kilometres. During the 2nd Galtür Cross Country Climb, an altitude of 377 meters and a distance of 16 kilometres (LIGHT) or 860 meters and a distance of 31.8 kilometres (HARD) must be climbed. The Galtür Nordic Night Race is free of charge; the schoolchildren’s race, the three-person relay race, and the Galtür Cross Country Climb require entry fees. A total of 7,900 euros are awarded to the winners of the Galtür Nordic Night Race, and 2,100 euros are awarded to the winners of the Galtür Cross Country Climb (HARD discipline). All info and online registration: www.galtü

31 March 2023: 4th Galtür Nordic Night Race

The Galtür Nordic Volumes kick off on 31 March with the Nordic Night Race, which is already taking place for the fourth time this winter. Anyone can take part and compete with the pros. The nightly individual race is designed as a cross-country sprint on the flat and counts towards the Austria Cup. After the two qualifying rounds over 1,400 metres, the 16 fastest women and men each go into the final runs. These will be held from 8 p.m. onwards in a knock-out format over 1.4 kilometres. The finalists will compete for overall money in groups of four, with the two fastest runners advancing from each group. A separate children’s race in the classes Children 1 + 2 and Pupils 1 with a course length of 350 metres. In addition, Pupils 2 and Youth 1 with a course length of 700 metres will give the youngsters their first taste of competition on 31 March. Additionally, each of the young participants will receive a prize.

1 April 2023: Cross-country race for pupils and Galtür XC Team Relay

Students born between 2009 and 2012 will open the five-kilometre racecourse on April 1, 202323 at 10 a.m. with a mass start. The aim is to complete the 2.5-kilometre circuit with 51 metres of altitude difference between Wirl and Galtür as quickly as possible twice in succession. Starting fee: 7.50 euros per person.

One hour later, at 11 a.m., the adult runners will start in women’s and men’s relay teams of three in the first XC Team Relay. This relay is also scored for the Austrian Championship Relay. Whether a club or hobby runner, each relay runner has to complete the 2.5-kilometre course twice in succession using the free technique. The times of all three team members are added together. The fastest team wins. Entry fee: 10 euros per runner.

2 April 2023: Galtür Cross Country Climb

On 2 April 2023, the 2nd Cross Country Climb will take place, a popular cross-country race in free technique through the picturesque Vermunt. Participants can register for the HARD (approx. 31 kilometres over 860 metres in altitude) or LIGHT (approx. 16 kilometres over 370 metres in altitude) routes of the race, which is rated for the Austrian Long-Distance Championship and the Austria Cup Long Distance. The popular race starts on Sundays at 8 am from Galtür in the direction of Bielerhöhe and back again and is open to everyone. A total prize money of 2,100 euros awaits the winners of the HARD course. Saving tip: Those who register by 31.12.2022 pay an entry fee of 30 euros or 36 euros for the LIGHT route. Until 28.02.2023 it is 34 euros or HARD 40 euros and from 01.03.2023 it is 44 euros or 50 euros.

All information on the Galtür Nordic Volumes, conditions of participation and online registration at

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