It’s time to say goodbye to the autumn blues:

Last updated on 19.08.2021

Depression has no chance in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis!

Autumn is the best time to relax and refuel energy reserves in the tyrolean mountains of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. © Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Marketing GmbH, Andreas Kirschner

The Tyrolean Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis holiday region is far from closed after the summer. On the contrary, autumn is the best time to enjoy the Tyrolean mountains stress-free and replenish those energy reserves. The party includes pleasant temperatures, bright colours, and lots of sunshine.

The days are becoming shorter, and the temperatures are dropping – unfortunately often along with the mood. After the warm summer months with long, warm evenings in the open, many are overcome with the autumn blues by the end of September. Then there is only one thing that helps: getting out of the city and into the Tyrolean Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis holiday region. Holidaymakers are exercising in these pleasant temperatures, enjoying the lovely autumn colours, and experiencing the best view of the year when the weather is nice. In addition, the visitors are offered an abundance of options: from a tour to explore herbs or Qigong sessions in the middle of nature to guided bike and hiking tours. This year’s autumn highlight is once again the Culinary Autumn with its numerous programme items. You cannot find a better way to recharge your batteries for the dark winter to come.

A vitamin boost out of nature
When it gets colder outside, it’s high time to whip your immune system into shape. Herbs and plants can assist in this. For example, rosehip glows bright red on the wayside in autumn and is valued for its high vitamin C content. The Herb Nature Trail lures at the end of the town of Fiss. Everyone who is interested can learn everything worth knowing regarding the herbs’ characteristics and processing possibilities on the signposted path. Anyone who wants to find out more should take part in a guided tour led by Monika Schmid. She is an expert on herbs and is familiar with all natural treasures hidden in the meadows and forests around Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis. Naturally, she also knows which herb is ideal for refining dishes, for natural cosmetics or as medicine. Monika is happy to share her knowledge. For example, the perforate St John’s-wort is traditionally used against autumn and winter depression. At the same time, the expert herb educationist gives insights into the local world of medicinal plants and when these herbs can best be gathered and processed. In addition, all participants receive a fresh herbal water beverage made from the herbs they have collected themselves as a refreshment and to taste.

Refuelling energy with Qigong in nature
Anyone searching for the zest for life and relaxation in everyday life can take part in the mindful hike with Qigong elements. Hartmut Hammerle has learnt these traditional Chinese movement and meditation forms from a Shaolin monk and a Chinese teacher. Motivated, he guides the group through the Tyrolean mountainside, including breaks where the Qigong exercises are practised. This is less about sporty challenges and more about conscious walking and an attentive body experience. The hike leads from the Komperdellbahn mid station to the Serfaus Seealm Hög restaurant, where everyone can strengthen themselves with a healthy savoury plate.

Cycling in autumn
Whether it is family, beginners, or advanced learners – in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis holiday region, every cyclist is guaranteed to find their favourite tour. Where some cycle rather relaxed through the mountainside, others fly down the flowy trails or rock the obstacles in the bike park – which is open until 17 October, by the way. From September, the bike autumn entices you with special offers from the GOLDEN RIDES programme to bike on the single trails or in the bike park – with a guide, ticket and food. A tip for early birds: the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Bike School organises so-called Early Rides this year. In the early mornings, together with a guide, the cyclists explore the untouched mountainside around the Schönjoch and fly down the Jochtrail and the Högtrail while the first rays of sunshine herald the new day. In between, refreshments and a hearty breakfast are served in the bike park.

Beautiful autumn hikes
The autumnal nature around the Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis mountain villages also invites walkers to magnificent walks. The Six SensesExperience Trail shows itself exquisitely colourful. The pram-friendly themed path begins at the Murmliwasser and leads to Serfaus in about 4 hours. Along the way, children and adults can see, hear, touch, smell and taste the Tyrolean mountainside and experience exciting illusions. And those that want to can make a short stopover in the Hög Adventure Park. While the children play on the numerous play stations around the Högsee lake, the adults can rest their feet here. The autumn colours can also be experienced particularly beautifully on the Alpine Rose Trail, a former Geißen Trail between Schöngampalm and Frommes. The trail leads high up over untouched slopes and offers a magnificent panorama of the forests of the Inntal valley near Landeck. A real insider tip for quiet autumn hikes is the tour into the untouched Urgtal valley. In the clear air, the breathtaking wide views of the valley seem almost unreal. As for refreshments during the tour, the Fiss-Ladis cable car company provides a picnic rucksack packed with regional goodies, which hikers can pre-order at the latest by noon the day before.

Culinary Autumn
When the forest begins to glow in grand colours, then the time of the connoisseur has dawned. Mushrooms start sprouting out of the forest soil, and pumpkins glow in competition with corncobs. More than any other time of the year, everything in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis holiday region revolves around tradition, customs, and culinary art during the Culinary Autumn. The series of events takes place from 5 September to 17 October and has the motto “Chestnut”. Every year, the innkeepers spoil the guests’ palates and many events take place, such as the popular Almabtrieb, the traditional harvest festival, or guided bird of prey tours. Art lovers can watch stonemasons, sculptors, woodcarvers, painters, potters, and woodturners live at work at “Art on the Mountain” at 2,440 metres above sea level from 11 September to 3 October.

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