“Let’s Celebrate!” – Swarovski Crystal Worlds and Circus Theatre Roncalli celebrate the art of circus

Last updated on 21.07.2023

On 21 July 2023, the Circus Festival will open in the garden of Swarovski Crystal Worlds. This year’s motto is “Let’s Celebrate,” and the Circus-Theater Roncalli will be celebrating with outstanding circus artistry that spectacularly combines painting, music, and creative performance. From July 21 to September 3, visitors will be enchanted by 16 shows a day.

A visit to the Circus Festival at Swarovski Crystal Worlds with the artistes of the Circus-Theater Roncalli has become a permanent fixture during the summer vacations. From July 21, 2023, the motto will be “Let’s Celebrate!” – however it is not just an anniversary that will be celebrated, but rather all the outstanding circus artistry. Painting, music, thrills, and artistry make up the ingredients for the 5th summer program edition, which will once again transform the garden of the Giant into a circus ring.

Vivian Paul-Roncalli, former circus artist herself and daughter of Roncalli founder Bernhard Paul, now leads the Roncalli casting department and opens the festival:
“Circus artistry combines many disciplines, and the artistes in this year’s program perfectly reflect this. Whether ancient Chinese diabolo art, utterly unique painting, or breathtaking precision on the springboard – we promise magical circus moments in this mesmerizing setting.”

Carla Rumler, Curator at Swarovski Crystal Worlds: “My personal highlight? The 800,000 crystals in the crystal cloud will be joined this summer by a few more in the form of a crystal cluster that will magic itself into a sparkling stage.”

During the 16 shows daily, the show acts will present circus artistry at its finest from July 21 to September 3. The entire circus program is included in the daily ticket, and opening hours are from 9:00 to 19:00.

Spectacular crystal chandelier: Shannon

It sparkles and glitters as Italian performer Shannon takes to the crystal chandelier suspended high in the air above the Mirror Pool below the Crystal Cloud. The artist performs her acrobatics at dizzying heights, enchanting the audience with her poise and grace. She contorts her body in completely new shapes, interweaving with her unique prop to form a single entity. Body art, technical precision, and sheer beauty fuse together to create a dazzling performance.

Breathtaking aerial acrobatics: Trio Bokafi

The three Hungarians: Gabor, Geza, and Attila, cause quite a stir as Trio Bokafi. Using the springboard, the three fearless artistes catapult themselves into dizzying heights. They jump, fly, do spins and somersaults, only to land again with centimeter precision, demonstrating true body control and precision that requires absolute trust in the partner. For all their daredevilry, the three provide humorous moments with their joie de vivre and charm and, amidst all their thrills, also give the audience many a reason to smile and gasp.

Dreamy clown: Oriol

The Catalan clown, Oriol, toured with Roncalli for several years and instantly charmed the hearts of the audience with his shy, dreamy performance. The little man with his tiny car comes all the way from Barcelona and has long been part of the celebrated crème de la crème of the theater and circus world showcased in his homeland, Spain. His childlike, naïve clown character, which he created, was born out of countless performances worldwide. In the garden of the Giant, he will meet guests in various places, sometimes playing his clarinet, sometimes driving his little car or on one of the stages, making bellies shake with laughter.

Magical hands: Lena

The Berlin artist, Lena, will perform two alternating unique juggling acts. She is regarded worldwide as a luminary of the art of diabolo and twirls the old Chinese toy through the air with charm and precision, using her body to catch it again as she bends into almost impossible shapes. Seemingly weightless, the artist makes several diabolos rotate on a string and delights young and old alike.
Equally astonishing is her performance with crystal balls. The glass balls glide almost weightlessly over her hands, arms, and through the air, convincing the spectators that gravity has been suspended, if just for a moment. A very aesthetic and graceful performance.

Sparkling painting and strong acrobatics: Anton

Anton, an acrobat from Ukraine, impresses with his well-trained body, physical prowess, and grandeur. He performs on a vertical, free-standing pole bar and
delivers a show-stopping handstand, exercising absolute body control. In contrast to this, Anton also reveals his artistic side, with which he enchants the guests in his second performance. As a magical painter, he creates a work of art in just a few minutes that can only be recognized at the very last second, sparkling in the light like thousands of crystals.

Swarovski Kristallwelten

In honor of Swarovski’s centenary birthday in 1995, Swarovski Kristallwelten (Swarovski Crystal Worlds) in Wattens threw open its doors to offer a new crystal living experience, a space where science and magic meet. Under the watchful gaze of the iconic Giant, spread over 7.5 hectares this spellbinding space showcases internationally and nationally recognized artists, designers, and architects. Igniting the dreams of all who enter its embrace, the crystal gallery experience of the Chambers of Wonder, the expansive gardens and ever-changing exhibitions has entranced and enticed over 15 million visitors since its opening.

As exhilarating retail extensions of this wondrous world, Swarovski Kristallwelten Stores in Innsbruck and Vienna, continue to embrace the mesmerizing magic of the beloved crystal destination, with the trio merging to form the internationally acclaimed D. Swarovski Tourism Services GmbH.

Providing a one-of-a-kind encounter of art, nature and shopping – in one of the largest crystal retail spaces in the world – with a year-round program of events for all ages highlighting culture, lifestyle, and Austrian heritage, Swarovski’s very own wonderland continues to captivate and spark imagination. Transforming crystal into a living breathing adventure, guests are assured of a unique and astonishing encounter every single visit.

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