Norwegian double victory at the FIS Freeski World Cup Stubai

Last updated on 21.11.2022

Johanne Killi (NOR) and Birk Ruud (NOR) get the crowns for Norway

In bluebird weather, 24 of the world’s best freeskiers dug deep into their bag of tricks in the perfectly prepared Stubai Zoo Snowpark on the Stubai Glacier in the battle for the first slopestyle points of the World Cup season. In the women’s category, Norway’s Johanne Killi finally claimed her Stubai victory, winning ahead of Kelly Sildaru (EST) and Grace Henderson (USA). In the men’s ranking it was once again Birk Ruud (NOR) who took the win, flanked by Switzerland’s Andri Ragettli and Colby Stevenson (USA).

2022 Stubai Freeski Worldcup - Finals - by Sebastian Marko
Johanne Killi (l.) and Birk Ruud (r.), both from Norway, celebrate their victories at the FIS Freeski Worldcup Stubai in the snowpark Stubai Zoo. © SEBASTIAN MARKO

The Stubai Zoo welcomed the freeski athletes on Saturday, freshly covered with sugar, with bright sunshine and thus the best conditions at 3000m above sea level – perfect conditions for a final day that provided many spectators along the course. For the best freeskiers in the world, it was all about the coveted first slopestyle points of the World Cup season.

Norwegian finally puts on the crown on the Stubai Glacier

Finally, it worked out with the top of the podium for Johanne Killi: In the qualification only defeated by
the Estonian Kelly Sildaru, the Norwegian was almost unstoppable in the final. After a second and a third place in the previous years, it finally worked out with the victory for the 25-year-old.

„I’ve gotten third once and second once here in Stubai, so I’ve just needed the first one and I’m really happy to make it happen now. So stoked! Stubai has always been a really good comp, always good skiing and such a good event. So many people watching, it’s very cool to be here. I couldn’t be more happy to win here! I knew that Birk was able to win here today but wasn’t so sure if I could do it, so super to be two winners from Norway.“
(Johanne Killi, NOR)

2022 Stubai Freeski Worldcup - Finale - by Tom Bause
Winner of the Freeski Worldcup Stubai 2022, Johanne Killi (NOR), on the Rail. © bause tom

She left the Estonian double winner Kelly Sildaru (best trick: 900 tail to switch 10 reverse tail) and the
US-American Grace Henderson (best trick: 900 tail) behind her.

Norwegian Birk Ruud wins in gripping final

In a final that left everything open until the very end, it was once again the strong all-rounder Birk Ruud who triumphed in the end. With an almost flawless first run, the Norwegian, who is currently dominating the freestyle sport, deservedly took his second title on the Stubai Glacier despite a fall in the second run. With a perfect performance on the kicker line the 22-year-old collected important points and left the competitiors behind.

„I love Stubai and I really like this event. So, a big thank you for Stubai for hosting the World Cup. I did not really expect to win today; I focused on landing my run and tried to do as best as possible and there are so many good riders out there, so to end up on top of the podium again and follow up from last year, it’s a little bit unbelievable for me to be honest. I’m really happy with it! Norwegian double, yeah! I’m very proud of Johanne, very proud of the whole team and I think we did a phenomenal job and I’m honored to be part of this beautiful team!”
(Birk Ruud, NOR)

2022 Stubai Freeski Worldcup - Finale - by Tom Bause
Winner of the Freeski Worldcup Stubai 2022, Birk Ruud (NOR), on the kicker. © bause tom

Just behind was the winner from 2020, Swiss Andri Ragettli, whose first run had not gone according to plan. In the second run the 5-time crystal globe holder ran at operating temperature, delivered a top performance and took the second place. The US-American Colby Stevenson, who finished third at the Stubai Glacier in 2017, seems to feel comfortable on the bottom of the podium and deservedly took his second top-three place at the Stubai Glacier with a fine first run, and the highest score. In addition, the US American can enjoy a wildcard for the legendary in-city contest Red Bull PlayStreets to be held in Bad Gastein on February 10, 2023.

Results FIS Freeski World Cup Stubai 2022, November 19, 2022

  1. Johanne Killi (NOR) – 81.24 Points
  2. Kelly Sildaru (EST) – 78.22
  3. Grace Henderson (USA) – 76.58
  4. Megan Oldham (CAN) – 75.42
  5. Sandra Eie (NOR) – 74.51
  6. Sarah Hoefflin (SUI) – 73.22
  7. Muriel Mohr (GER) – 62.01
  8. Brynn Johnston (CAN) – 56.44
  1. Birk Ruud (NOR) – 88,96 Points
  2. Andri Ragettli (SUI) – 87.38
  3. Colby Stevenson (USA) – 85.68
  4. Alexander Hall (USA) – 83.71
  5. Jesper Tjader (SWE) – 83.47
  6. Matej Svancer (AUT) – 81.22
  7. Max Moffatt (CAN) – 79.41
  8. Ralph Konnor (USA) – 79.05