Frequently asked questions

Are the Tirol Media Site images available for editorial use?
The Tirol Media Site library of high-resolution photos is available for promoting Tirol as a leisure destination or in a news story. Refrain from defamatory or insulting statements and refrain from re-selling the image(s) or using the image(s) for personal, retail or commercial purposes (i. e. merchandising). As a journalist you are expected to respect the rulings and to adhere to the Press Code of Professional Practice. Please read our General Terms and Conditions.

What are the benefits of signing up for a Tirol Media Site Account?
As a registered user you will be able to enjoy many of the free features and services currently available on the Tirol Media Site: Our e-mail notification service allows you to get e-mail updates on topics that interest you. Moreover, you'll automatically get your very own personalized Favorites List each time you visit our Media Site.

When I try to register for a new Tirol Media Site Account, I receive a message that the e-mail address or username already exists.  How can I set up my account?
This message indicates that an account has already been set up with the e-mail address you’re trying to use; you already have been subscribed to the E-Mail Update Subscription Service of Tirol Tourist Board’s Media Site. Your e-mail address was logged in automatically and taken to the new system which means that you are already registered with the Media Site. To login to your account, you must create a new password. Click the Login Button and follow the “Forgot Password” link ( You will receive an e-mail with a link you can click to enter a new password. Once your password has been updated, you will be re-directed to the Login page. You will need to enter the e-mail address and password you just set up to log into your account.

What’s the difference between the “automatic E-Mail Update Subscription Service with Topic Selection” and the “Press Service Newsletter”?
The “Press Service Newsletter” is sent to you by the PR Team of the Tirol Tourist Board. The Tirol Tourist Board is responsible for its editorial contents and the PR Team selects the press releases you are receiving. This Newsletter is sent irregularly but not more than twice a month. The “automatic E-Mail Update Subscription Service with Topic Selection” works like an RSS Feed. As a registered member, you can select the topics that interest you and specify the frequency at which you want to receive notifications from Tirol. The “automatic E-Mail Update Subscription Service” also includes press releases by Tirol’s Regions or by local Tourist Boards. It is the author of the article who is responsible for its editorial content and not the Tirol Tourist Board. By registering your details with the Tirol Media Site you select your topics of interest and the frequency at which you want to receive notifications. This personalized e-mail alert service lets you know about newly published material on that is of interest to you, aiming to provide you with the information and resources you need, customized to your preferences. You can change your topics of interest and the frequency anytime.

I can’t find the images I’m looking for in the Tirol Media Site library of high-resolution photos. Where can I find additional imagery from Tirol?
The new Image & Video Library of the Tirol Tourist Board features more high-resolution photos and videos for promoting Tirol as a leisure destination or in a news story. Tirol Media Site members can use their account to access the Online Image Library ( If you are searching for images of a select region, you will find a Press Contact Directory with links to all Tirol Tourist Boards here.

How can I sort and filter results?
You can filter and customize your results by using the options at the top of the results page. The results are automatically sorted by relevance. To sort results by date click “Sort Results” and “Update”. You can select additional filtering options like Media Type, Category, Topics, and Region/Town.

What are the “Dossiers” that can be found on the homepage?
We provide media with many resources to assist in the development of stories, such as our Dossiers (Digital Media Portfolios), a library of new documents. From background information and photos, to b-roll and press visit information you’ll find it all here. Our Dossiers are created to support you in researching and producing interesting editorial coverage about Tirol. These stories will help trigger your creative flare.

Where can I find information on current Press Dates?
Important press dates can now be found on the homepage of the Tirol Media Site. Simply click on the date to get more information. Pre-registration is required for most events, please contact the branch hosting the event to register.