PillerseeTal: KAT100 by UTMB® Austria’s longest ultra trail in the Kitzbühel Alps

Last updated on 31.03.2023

In August 2023, the PillerseeTal will once again be the meeting place for trail running enthusiasts from all over the world. At the KAT100 by UTMB®, participants can choose from eight different disciplines that will make this trail running experience an unforgettable adventure. Whether professional or amateur, everyone has the opportunity to prove themselves and test their limits in this unique setting. The anticipation for this spectacular event is great and already makes the hearts of all trail running fans beat faster.

Fantastic views: KAT100 by UTMB® © Andi Frank

From 3rd to 5th of August 2023, Austria’s longest ultra trail run

Ever run 170.7 km across the Kitzbühel Alps? And within 24 hours? Austria’s longest ultra trail – the KAT100 by UTMB® – demands everything from the participants. The course leads over the most beautiful and challenging peaks of the Kitzbühel Alps and is a tribute to the passion for running and nature. Runners can choose from eight disciplines with varying degrees of difficulty. But they all have one thing in common: the joy of running!

The town presents itself as a mecca for nature lovers and alpinists and therefore has the perfect conditions for the superlative ultra trails. Eight different routes are available to participants.

Enjoy the adventure: Choose your discipline at the KAT100 BY UTMB®.

Whether 100 Miles, Marathon Trail, Speed Trail, Easy Trail, Ekiden Trail, Endurance Trail or Kids Trail – everyone will find their trail running adventure here.

Collect Running Stones at the KAT100 by UTMB® in PillerseeTal

The KAT100 has been confirmed for the 2023 UTMB World Series and also offers the opportunity to collect Running Stones to qualify for the finals at UTMB Mont Blanc. All finishers of the 100M, 100K, 50K and 20K runs will receive Running Stones to enter into the draw for the UTMB World Series Finals.

Information about the distances and registration for the KAT100 by UTMB® can be found HERE!
The detailed programme is available here.


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