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Last updated on 15.10.2018

From 20 November 2018, the “LIGHTSHOW MAX 500” in Innsbruck’s Imperial Palace will be heralding the forthcoming Year of Maximilian. The audiovisual 3D light projection/mapping show will be one of the highlights of the anniversary year and is, at the same time, one of the most spectacular light shows in Austria.

2019 is the 500th anniversary of the death of Emperor Maximilian I and, to mark the occasion, Tyrol will be hosting lots of activities celebrating the popularity of the Habsburgs, who were in turn very fond of the “land in the mountains”. For Maximilian, Tyrol was the home he had not been able to find in any other royal estate, and so he chose Innsbruck as his city of residence. The buildings he commissioned here, such as the Golden Roof, the Imperial Palace and the Court Church, also known as the “Schwarzmanderkirche” (Black Men Church) with its empty tomb, still characterise the townscape and are a powerful demonstration of his great affection for Innsbruck. This makes the extraordinary historical ambience of the Imperial Palace, Maximilian’s favourite residence, the perfect venue for the official launch of the Year of Maximilian. From 20 November 2018 to 20 January 2019, the “LIGHTSHOW MAX 500” mapping show created by the Viennese light art collective LICHTTAPETE will be shown several times every evening in the courtyard.

Emperor Maximilian – “The Last Knight” restored to life

For the audiovisual light show, initiated by Innsbruck Tourismus, three sides of the Imperial Palace’s inner courtyard will be transformed into a huge screen. The audience is taken on a brilliant and, at the same time, humorous journey through time, always returning to the present. Impressive effects in XXL format, based on historical events, convey the life of Maximilian in a very modern, entertaining and sometimes surprising way.

The Emperor’s jester accompanies visitors through nine scenes presenting the legendary influence of the Habsburgs in a new light. By means of a “time tunnel”, the audience is spectacularly transported into the 16th century – through collapsing facades and past the inventions of the times preceding Emperor Maximilian. You find yourself taken back into the magical world of the Middle Ages, surrounded by jousting knights, in front of a magnificent musical box, on the Martinswand rock wall (where, so legend has it, Maximilian lost his way, sought refuge in a cave and was rescued by a farm boy) and coming across many colourful contemporary figure at the court festival in the Golden Roof. The journey finally brings you back to the present, finishing up in Innsbruck’s Imperial Palace. You might be curious to see who or what awaits you there …

Spectacular open air experience of a very different kind at Innsbruck’s Imperial Palace

Across a “screen area” of 1,300 m2, seven high-performance projectors and a perfect sound system provide visitors with a very special kind of open-air experience. LICHTTAPETE, the Viennese light art collective, plays with the building’s façades to create fantastic picture worlds which, combined with acoustic effects, guarantee an impressive total experience for the whole family. Karl Gostner, chairman of Innsbruck Tourismus, comments on the “main actor” of the 3D light projection: “Emperor Maximilian pioneered a new dimension in European culture and politics. Under him Innsbruck became the hub of the dynastic politics of the House of Habsburg and the place where many important artists chose to settle and work. 500 years ago Maximilian was already seen as the ‘last’ knight and ‘first’ European, but he was, above all, the medieval equivalent of the modern advertising executive. A major part of his history can be traced back to his perfect self-promotion.” With this multimedia presentation, the Year of Maximilian will also bring sustainable tourism benefits, with plans for the 20-minute light projection to be extended into winter 2019/2020.

By the way, Innsbruck Tourismus was inspired by having a look over the border. The successful show “Soliman’s Dream” has attracted thousands of visitors to Bressanone in the last three years. From 22 November 2018, NATALIE, the new light and music show, will be providing some magical moments. And good news! On presentation of a LIGHTSHOW MAX 500 ticket, you obtain a discount in Bressanone – and vice versa!

Information at a glance

Where: Innsbruck’s Imperial Palace: inner courtyard, Rennweg 1/3, 6020 Innsbruck

When: 20 November 2018 to 20 January 2019, Sunday to Thursday: 6 and 7 pm. Friday and Saturday: 6, 7, 8 and 9 pm. No show: 24 and 31 December

Length: 20 minutes – open air event

Online tickets: / Adults €10.00, children (aged 6 to 12) €3.00, free admission for children under 6 accompanied by an adult; group discounts for advance sales. With their ticket visitors can attend the new light show “Natalie” (by the same artists as Soliman’s Dream) in Bressanone at a reduced price.

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