The 2018 UCI Road World Championships in numbers

Last updated on 24.09.2018

Fun facts and figures about the 2018 UCI Road World Championships in Innsbruck-Tirol.

Spectators in Tirol: 500,000

TV viewers: 250 million in 150 countries

Riders taking part in the World Championships: 1000

Safety barriers: 40 kilometres (140 kilometres over nine days)

Barricade tape: 120 kilometres

Advertising banners: 15 kilometres

Kilometres ridden on average by a rider during the World Championships: 600

Minutes spent on the bike (including training): 1440 to 1920 minutes (24 to 32 hours)

Liquids consumed per rider: two to eight litres

Steepest gradient: 28% (on the Höttinger Höll climb, Men Elite Road Race)

Largest elevation gain: 4670 vertical metres (Men Elite Road Race)

Fastest descending speed: 90 – 120 km/h

Calories consumed per rider per race: up to 7000 (half a kilo of roast pork contains 490 calories)

Number of nations represented: 80

Number of officials at the World Championships: 5000

Video walls: 20 tonnes of material, six kilometres of cables

Scaffolding/sound: 18 articulated lorries, 380 tonnes of material, twelve kilometres of cables