Superheroes take over the Ischgl ski area

Last updated on 07.11.2018

Batman, Superman, Spiderman and co. spend the winter in Ischgl. Because: From 7 to 11 January 2019, the 26th snow sculpture festival “Shapes in White” transforms the Silvretta Arena into an impressive open-air gallery for “Superheroes”.

In January, visitors to Ischgl will find themselves eye to eye with their childhood idols in the ski area. The men and women with supernatural powers are coming to Ischgl to spend their winter holidays and can be admired from all angles in the Silvretta Arena. Occasion: The 26th snow sculpture festival “Shapes in White”. Here, ten international artists will be tasked with transforming the ski area into an impressive open-air gallery with their snow creations under the motto “Superheroes” from 7 to 11 January 2019. With the starting signal on 7 January, the selected sculptors will then re-enact the legendary battle between Batman and the Joker or make Superman, Spiderman, Thor and their supernatural colleagues come alive again in impressive poses. In five days. At more than 2,300 m above sea level. Scattered around the ski area. Up to ten metres high, the icy icons will then watch over the slopes day and night and give everyone the chance to admire them from all angles. Which interpretation of the superheroes will then have impressed the Ischgl judges the most, will be announced to their creators at the presentation ceremony on 11 January 2019. Ischgl-guests can watch the artists at their icy work from the very start, or simply marvel at their larger than life childhood idols while skiing. A map with explanations about and the locations of the “Shapes in White” is available free of charge on site.

“Shapes in White” – the idea behind the art project
What are we going to do with all this snow? An impressive open-air gallery! That’s how the art project “Shapes in White” was born 26 years ago. Since then, sculptors from across the globe send their design to the jury of the Ischgl snow sculpture competition every year. They then select the best ideas and invite ten artist couples to make their designs come alive in the Silvretta Arena. The artists will then be given five days to create their up to ten metres high masterpieces out of snow in the ski area with its 239 kilometres of slopes. And that in keeping with an annually changing theme, announced in advance. With life-sized sculptures of celeb judges for the theme of “Castingshows”, the founders of the Silvretta cable car company on its 50th anniversary, or a VW-Beetle as a look back at the “Volkswagen-period”, the competition has seen a wide range of themes become ice-cold reality. This year, the ski area will be occupied under the motto “Superheroes”, by Batman, Superman and co.

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