Last updated on 18.12.2018

This year’s RISE&FALL was merciless battle for the top-class athletes all over again. The will to win, true to the event’s motto of, “Four athletes, one team, no mercy” and the exuberant atmosphere in the change-over zone and finish area drove on those taking part to deliver an incredible performance.

Mayrhofen, 2018: At the 7th successive year of the RISE&FALL extreme sport event, not only were 430 were vertical meters surmounted each with touring skis, paragliders, mountain bikes and skis. The 85 teams of four with a total of 340 athletes from all over Europe fought relentlessly for victory and provided the spectators at the festival grounds with a top-class sporting event – either from the sidelines, or live on the video wall.


An adrenalin-fuelled ride

As the canon shot was fired at 13.00 hrs sharp by Mayrhofen “Schützen” Rifle Company, the ski mountaineers sprinted up the Ahorn valley ski run along the 1.3 km route to Gasthof Wiesenhof. Once there, they handed over to their team colleagues – the paragliders, who flew down a predetermined flight corridor towards the finish area and completed an arduous 400-metre sprint, before handing over to the mountain bikers. These were then presented with the task of pedalling up the 430 metres in altitude anew over the 3.7 kilometre course back up to Gasthof Wiesenhof, from where the fourth leg team members, the skiers, hurtled back down over an obstacle course and on to the finish line. A giant video wall allowed the spectators and fans to witness every hand-over, the pain-contorted faces of the athletes, as well as their expressions of relief from the finish area at close hand.


RISE&FALL Winners 2018

The coveted victory finally went to team RED BULL WITH Toni Palzer (Ski Mountaineering), Aaron Durogati (Paragliding), Daniel Geismayr (Mountainbiking) und Fabian Lentsch (Skiing). Second and third places went to teams TEAMWORK und MOUNTAINSHOP HÖRHAGER 1.

Organizer and RISE&FALL creator, Christoph Ebenbichler, was delighted with the incredible success of this year’s event. “As one event ends the next begins, which is why we will soon commence with preparations for RISE&FALL 2019, which takes place on 14.12.”, says Christoph Ebenbichler proudly. Working in conjunction with Mayrhofen-Hippach Tourist Board and the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen Cable Car Co., this extraordinary event was launched 6 years ago. Within this short time, RISE&FALL has made a name for itself in both regional and national circles.