Ischgl names Superman as the number 1 superhero

Last updated on 11.01.2019

Ischgl’s superhero gallery is open. Nine international artist couples duelled in the snow from 7th to 11th January 2019 to create figures including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the like at the 26th snow sculpture competition ‘Shapes in White’. ‘White Superman’ and his creators Ivo Piazza and Reiner Kasslatter from Italy secured the number 1 spot. The superheroes can be seen right now on the pistes in the Silvretta Arena.

Face to face with childhood idols? Winter sports fans can now experience just that in the ski area of Ischgl. The 26th snow sculpture competition was held this year between 7th and 11th January under the maxim ‘Superheroes’. The result from the nine pairs of international artists is spectacular. Nine to ten metre high figures with superpowers can now be seen in the Silvretta Arena; including a ‘Duel between Batman and Joker’, as well as ‘Superman’, ‘Spider Man’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ captured in impressive poses. The panel of judges in Ischgl this year named ‘White Superman’ as the winner, placing his creators Ivo Piazza and Reiner Kasslatter from Italy in the number 1 position. Sculptor Ivo Piazza is no stranger to Ischgl. His past record from ‘Shapes in White’ includes 26 appearances, with seven firsts, seven seconds and five third places. This year too nine snow figures were created in just five days. The best thing; these icy cult stars are able to be scrutinised from all angles by visitors to Ischgl as they ski. New for 2019. From now on anyone who posts their favourite superhero with the hashtag #formeninweiss2019, has an opportunity to win 2 x 2-day ski passes for the Silvretta Arena. A map which contains details and the locations of the ‘Shapes in White’ is available free of charge in the town.

Superheroes as far as the eye can see
Nine superheroes, nine teams of artists from six countries and just one top spot. The Ischgl judging panel were spoilt for choice at the 26th snow sculpture competition ‘Shapes in White’: ‘We are impressed each and every year by the creative interpretations of our slogans and with the masterful interpretations. This year too the artists have excelled with their snow heroes and made it very difficult for us to choose’ exclaimed a delighted Andreas Steibl from the Ischgl panel of judges. For 2019 the team of Ivo Piazza and Reiner Kasslatter from Italy were favoured by the panel of judges and took the top spot with their interpretation of ‘Superman’. The team of Lorenz Demetz and Thomas Mussner from Italy landed second place with ‘Superheroine mum’. While the third spot was secured by Ivan Holzknecht and Armin Rifesser also from Italy with ‘Batman vs. Joker’.

The idea behind the art project ‘Shapes in White’
From the question: Where do we put all this snow?, came the answer in Ischgl 26 years ago in the guise of the art project, ‘Shapes in White’. Since that time sculptors from all over the world have been sending their designs every year to the panel of judges of Ischgl’s snow sculpture competition. They then select the best ideas and invite nine pairs of artists to proceed with their interpretation in the Silvretta Arena. There is then five days for the masterful creations to be made – which are up to ten metres in height – using snow, in the ski area which spans 239 kilometres of pistes. The slogan changes each year and is revealed in advance. Thanks to the location above 2000 metres altitude and with sites right at and on the pistes, the sculptures can be ‘experienced’ by winter sports fans for a long time. The event will be held next year too and there are already ideas for more creative maxims.

Post and win
Taking part counts in 2019. Anyone who posts their favourite sculpture from now on Instagram, using the hashtag #formeninweiss2019, or who leaves a comment with their favourite picture on the Facebook with the entry dated 12.01.2019, has the chance to win 2 x 2-day ski passes for the Silvretta Arena. All information and terms &conditions:

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