Innsbruck Trek: Enjoy long-distance, luggage-free hiking

Last updated on 12.03.2019

Off into the mountains, and just keep going! Long-distance hiking makes it possible to take your time, leave everyday life behind and experience the pleasures of hiking not “just” as part of a day trip. The seven-day trekking tour not only combines the most beautiful hikes in the Innsbruck region, but also offers an extra service – which spares your legs, back and, of course, your nerves. The convenience of having your luggage transported is included, and you stay in selected hotels with half board. The hikes are either accompanied by a mountain guide or you can walk on your own at your own pace.

Seven days – all the mountain massifs in the Innsbruck region

The Innsbruck Trek, jointly developed by Innsbruck Tourismus and ASI Reisen, the renowned Innsbruck Alpine School, opens up all the mountain massifs in Innsbruck and takes hikers in just one week to the most beautiful hiking paradises in the region, such as Kalkkögel or the well-known Zirbenweg hiking trail. The first stage begins in the heart of Innsbruck’s Old Town and ends in the lofty heights of the Karwendel mountains. The trail leads across the sun-drenched Mieming Plateau, characterised by sparse larch forests, on into the impressive Stubai Alps to Kühtai, where you spend a night at over 2,000 metres above sea level. From there you head for the mountaineering villages of St. Sigmund and Gries im Sellrain, with the massive 3,000 m summits of the Central Alps constantly in view, before you make for the Axamer Lizum. A special highlight of this stage is a breathtaking view of the rugged beauty of the Kalkkögel, the Dolomites of North Tyrol. The last stage of the hike brings you back to the Alpine-urban flair of Innsbruck via the Zirbenweg hiking trail, lined with ancient stone pine woods, on the Patscherkofel. 

Luggage transport & hotel comfort

Because the Innsbruck Trek delivers both impressive outdoor experiences and absolute comfort, this trekking holiday provides a convenient and carefree all-round package. The route may be pre-set, but it’s completely flexible. Every day two guided hikes are offered of varying degrees of difficulty (moderate or demanding) so that you can choose on the spot between a moderate or a more challenging hike every day, depending on your fitness and how you feel that morning. It’s also important to enjoy nature to the full and not waste time thinking about heavy backpacks. Hikers can save all their strength for the beautiful aspects of hiking, because all you have to take along is what you need for the day. Your heavy luggage is conveniently transported from one stage to the next and is ready waiting for you at your next hotel. Speaking of hotels: comfortable bed and half board (breakfast and dinner) are included, and you stay in selected and, of course, pre-booked 3- or 4-star hotels. After a day’s hiking, all you have to do is put your feet up.

Professional accompaniment or at your own pace

On the Innsbruck Trek you hike either accompanied by fully trained ASI mountain guides on set dates, or on your own at your own pace and on the dates you choose. Unaccompanied hiking doesn‘t mean, of course, having to do without the other services. All your accommodation is reserved, and you’re given detailed travel documents, maps, luggage transport and a 24/7 service number. However, if you decide on hiking unaccompanied – which adds that extra-special frisson of a real adventure – you should already have plenty of experience using hiking maps and following route descriptions and have a good sense of direction. Individual hikes can be booked from as little as €755, guided hikes from €875.

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