Paznaun invites bikers to the 5th BIKER SUMMIT

Last updated on 22.05.2019

From 26 to 28 July 2019, Austria’s highest altitude biker gathering will be taking place in Paznaun for the fifth time. The ‘Top of the Mountain BIKER SUMMIT’ includes motorbike test rides, guided tours and stunt shows. It is open to all brands and traditionally culminates with a motorbike parade at the Idalp at 2,320m.

Motorbikes as far as the eye can see: when Paznaun plays host to Austria’s highest altitude biker gathering from 26 to 28 July 2019, everything in this Alpine lifestyle metropolis revolves around motorbikes. The programme for the 5th ‘Top of the Mountain BIKER SUMMIT’ includes guided tours, test rides, shows such as the ‘Globe of Death’ by the Infernal Varanne Riders and stunt shows by Julien Welsch and Sarah Lezito, wheelie training with, an e-trial test course for young riders, the traditional motorbike parade at the Idalp at 2,320m and the BIKER SUMMIT Nights with DJ In-Style and the band Milestone. The ‘High-Bike Testcenter Paznaun’ rents out the latest models from the BMW, KTM, Triumph, Yamaha and Aprilia brands by the hour. The BIKER SUMMIT is open to all brands. Refreshments are provided by the ‘Club der Paznauner Köche’ and the ‘Landjugend Ischgl’ under the direction of local award-winning chef Martin Sieberer. Registration is required to take part in the guided excursions during the event. All information can be found at

Riding fun at 2,320m altitude
There is a great deal to experience at the ‘Top of the Mountain BIKER SUMMIT’, both in and around Ischgl: on Friday 26 July, for example, three rides packed with views are held. Two of them cover distances in excess of 200 kilometres and take 6 to 7 hours to complete while the half-day tour leads along side routes into the nearby Silvretta mountains. The Biker Village at the Silvretta parking space in Ischgl is the centre of the activities and during event days, provides bike-related entertainment and useful information as well as various training and wheelie sessions. Hourly stunt shows are also held featuring pro riders Julien Welsch and Sarah Lezito along with the breath-taking stunt show ‘Globe of Death’ by the Infernal Varanne Riders which won two awards at the Monte-Carlo Circus Festival. The BIKER SUMMIT Night with DJ In-Style kicks off on the Friday evening at 21:00. New and a highlight for up-and-coming young bikers aged 3 to 16: a 15 minute test ride on an OSET bike along an e-trial test course for just 10 euros including equipment – available on each of the three festival days.

On the Saturday, visitors can enjoy a leisurely circuit through Paznaun. At lunchtime, the traditional Hill Climb up to the Idalp awaits. This mountain pasture at an altitude of 2,320m is usually closed to individual transport. But an exception is made on the Saturday of the BIKER SUMMIT: during the joint motorbike parade, all participants can ride up to the highest point accessible to bikes in the Ischgl mountains. The line-up for the ascent begins at 11:00 and the start is at 12:00. Musical accompaniment and a biker BBQ provide a fantastic atmosphere. In the afternoon, the Biker Village again features stunt shows and wheelie sessions. The BIKER SUMMIT Night with the band Milestone kicks off at 21:00. On the Sunday, there is a bike blessing at 10:30 followed by a morning beer and biker brunch. Musical accompaniment included! Good to know: refreshments are provided at the Biker Village by top local chef Martin Sieberer together with the ‘Club der Paznauner Köche’ and the ‘Landjugend Ischgl’, with refined yet down-to-earth dishes based on fresh regional products. For all information, see:

Try out a range of brands at the ‘High-Bike Testcenter Paznaun’
You can leave your own bike in the garage at the ‘Top of the Mountain BIKER SUMMIT’. At the ‘High-Bike Testcenter Paznaun’, the motorbike test centre with a range of brands, anyone holding a valid class A driving licence can explore the latest perfectly maintained 2019 models from manufacturers BMW, KTM, Triumph, Yamaha and Aprilia and take the bikes on a test ride for the day. Good to know: during the BIKER SUMMIT, the bikes are also available on an hourly basis from 8:00 until 19:00 for a special price of 20 euros per trip. Not brought your motorbike gear with you? You can hire out a complete set of equipment from the ‘High-Bike Testcenter Paznaun’ for a minimal fee. This is the only motorbike test centre in the Alps to offer such a range of brands and is open from June until September 2019. All information:

Toll-free panoramic arrival and other discounts
Guests travelling to Paznaun by motorbike can start out their motorbiking holiday with an impressive panoramic journey via the Silvretta High Alpine Road. And can enjoy toll-free travel for the duration of their holiday. Your accommodation establishment can send you the ‘Silvretta Card all inclusive’ voucher in advance to cover the toll, on request. The ‘Silvretta Card all inclusive’ is available on stays of one night or more in Paznaun. It entitles the holder to free admission to all cable cars and chair lifts, public transport, indoor and outdoor pools and museums. Discounts are also available on motorbike hire at the ‘High-Bike Testcenter Paznaun’. Booking tip: accommodation in Paznaun is easy to book using the online booking portal