Transhumance and Village Fair with farmers’ market

Last updated on 09.09.2019

In Reith im Alpbachtal welcoming the cattle home is THE HIGHLIGHT on the calendar of events. The livestock’s homecoming is celebrated on 21st and 28th September with a farmer’s and crafts market, where Tyrolean culinary specialities, handicraft, music and dance are a fixture.

Reith im Alpbachtal – livestock wearing colourful headdresses, handicraft and authentic Tyrolean culinary specialities contribute towards the annual transhumance and village fair festivities on the two last Saturdays in September (21st and 28th) in Reith im Alpbachtal. In order to be able to welcome home everybody the celebrations are divided over two weekends. The transhumance and village fair in Reith im Alpbachtal is one of the largest in the Tyrol. At 10:00 a.m., the event gets off to a start with a parade and concert given by the Reith i. A. village band. Along the village’s main street stalls, selling Tyrolean culinary specialities and handicraft await visitors. Over 40 craftsmen and women demonstrate traditional crafts such as making wooden shingles, feather quill stitching, hat making, soap boiling or the nearly forgotten art of lace making

Around midday, the decorated cattle parade through the village to their farms. The big-bellied beauties with their elaborate headdresses and bells of all sizes never fail to fascinate onlookers. While waiting for the next farmer to parade his herd through the village visitors are entertained by musicians with Alphorns, „Goasslschnalzer“ (whip cracking) and numerous Tyrolean folk music groups. Food and beverages are readily available. Satisfy your hunger with local products such as fruit from the orchards in Breitenbach, Kiachl (sphere shaped doughnut speciality), Krapfen (traditional doughnuts) or other delicacies from grandmother’s garden. Even though the transhumance is held on two weekends, you will not see the same animals twice.



Programme Farmers Market with Transhumance and Village Fair


From 10:00 a.m. – approx. 5:00 p.m.

Large farmer’s market in the village centre

3 music groups entertain with folk music and dance at several points in the village centre

Alphorn Blowers and the „Rottacher Goaslschnalzer“

More than 40 traditional handicrafts at the large handicrafts market

Tyrolean specialities and traditional fare (Kiachl, Krapfen and more)

Genussmarkt “Genuss Region Österreich”

Big raffle with over 1000 prizes and the € 350,00 first prize

Admission fee: € 5,00 per person, free admission for children up to age 12
Enquiries for groups – please contact: