Far but near: Tirol stays close to its visitors

Last updated on 16.04.2020

Tirol has always stayed close to its visitors, even in challenging times. The hashtag #farbutnear has been trending in recent weeks among fans of Tirol keen to maintain ties to the region even in times of lockdown and social distancing. In our blogposts we bring some of the best things from Tirol into your home, from tasty recipes to yodelling workshops and fitness tips.

A quick snapshot of the mountains as the sun slowly sets, below it the words “Far but near” – that was the first Facebook post uploaded by Tirol Werbung after weeks of crisis communication following the arrival of the Coronavirus in Tirol. “We want to acknowledge what is happening right now, while at the same time expressing optimism, looking to the future and staying close to our visitors from Austria and the rest of the world,” explains Patricio Hetfleisch, Head of Marketing and Communication at Tirol Werbung.

Music to get you through the crisis

A little piece of Tirol that goes straight to the heart is the song “I möcht mi nur bedanken”. It sees 18 musicians from Tirol coming together via video link to perform a unique version of a song originally written by local singer Manu Stix. The title, which translates as “I Just Want to Say Thank You”, encapsulates the message of the musicians in these turbulent times – reaching out to express their respect and gratitude to all those keeping us safe during the Coronavirus crisis. By the way, people around the world keen to enjoy music from Tirol at home can check out our hand-picked Sound of Tirol playlist

Do you speak Tirolerisch?

Learning German might be tricky enough, but have you ever tried learning Tirolerisch? The best way to familiarise yourself with the dialect spoken here is, of course, to visit us and chat with the locals – but you can already make a start at home. The thing you will probably notice straight away when listening to people talking is the hard K sound, as rough and unmistakable as the Nordkette Mountains above Innsbruck. In fact, there is no such thing as “Tirolean” – Tirol’s valleys are home to a huge range of different dialects, each of which has its own words, sounds and particularities.

Virtual sightseeing in Tirol

From canyoning and climbing in the Kaiser Mountains to searching for monsters in the beautiful Drachensee lake, there is plenty to see, do and explore in Tirol. Even if real-life sightseeing is a little tricky at the moment, we are determined to give fans of Tirol the chance to discover our beautiful landscape wherever they are. Check out our list of virtual sightseeing highlights in Tirol, a series of spectacular videos showcasing some of the most breathtaking spots in the region.

Learn how to yodel – online

What do you think of when you hear the name Tirol? Mountains? Maybe. Yodelling? Definitely. After a lifetime of singing pop hits under the shower, our intrepid reporter plucked up the courage to take part in a yodelling workshop run by experts Martha and Reinhard Schwaizer.

Colouring-in for kids

Being stuck at home can be pretty boring for youngsters, so we have created a few colouring-in exercises for kids. A great way to keep young children busy during lockdown while bringing the nature, flora and fauna of Tirol into your home.

Stay fit at home

Even if it’s hard to imagine right now, soon there will come a time when you can get out and explore the mountains again. In order to be fit and ready to go, we have put together some basic exercises for typical alpine sports such as hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, alpine skiing and cross-country skiing. Fitness fanatics with plenty of creativity and six-packs of steel can take on the Plank Challenge on Instagram.

Experience the taste of Tirol

Tirol is famous for its hearty food drawing on regional produce. Tirolean food is typically characterised by simple ingredients and rich flavours. Some local favourites are Kaiserschmarrn (thick chopped pancake served with icing sugar and apple sauce), farmers’ bread, cheese dumplings and Tiroler Gröstl (a mishmash of fried potatoes, bacon, onions and more, all topped off with a fried egg). Now is the perfect time to try out a few of your favourite holiday dishes at home. Bon appétit, or as we say here in Tirol: Mahlzeit!