Cross-country skiing premiere in Galtür

Last updated on 25.11.2020

Exciting news for cross-country skiers: during the 1st Galtür Nordic Volumes, cross-country skiers can take part in several competitions in Galtür for the first time from 25 to 28 March 2021 as well as trying out the latest equipment. The events programme features: the familiar Galtür Nordic Night Race, a new free and open cross-country camp with workshops, training sessions and test materials, the new Galtür Cross Country Climb on the Bielerhöhe and back, a race for school children and the Galtür XC Team Relay. Total prize money: 10,000 euros. Online registration is open right now.

In March 2021, Galtür will be presenting a new cross-country event in the form of the 1st Galtür Nordic Volumes. The four-day event is open to amateurs and professionals alike and will take place from 25 to 28 March 2021. The programme features: the Galtür Nordic Night Race (a nighttime cross-country sprint on the flat), the new free cross-country camp with technique training, workshops from HWK, an obstacle course and test material from the Fischer company. Also new are the Cross Country Climb with 377m of altitude to conquer over a distance of 16.0 km (LIGHT) or 861m of altitude over 31.8 km (HARD), the race for school children and the Galtür XC Team Relay. Participation in the Galtür Nordic Night Race and cross-country camp is free; an admission fee is payable to take part in the Cross Country Climb (from 29 euros with early registration). The prize money for the winners of the Galtür Nordic Night Race amounts to 7,900 euros and a total of 2,100 euros are awarded for the Cross Country Climb (HARD discipline). For all information and online registration, see:

Galtür Nordic Night Race on 25 March 2021
The prelude to the Galtür Nordic Volumes is the Galtür Nordic Night Race which will be taking place for the third time this season. The race allows participants to put themselves to the test against professionals. It is devised as a cross-country spring event and takes place on the edge of Galtür. After a 700m qualification round, the 16 fastest participants in the men’s and women’s categories proceed to the final races. These take place from 20:00 and take the form of two rounds each (around 1,400m in total) based on a knock-out principle. The finalists begin their battle for the total prize money in groups of four with the two fastest from each progressing. Children too can gain their first taste of competition here: a separate kids’ run takes place at 18:15 (qualification) and 19:05 (finale) in the categories of U9, U12, U14 and U16. Here it’s all about being there because every young participant receives a prize.

Premiere: cross-country camp and ski test on 26 March 2021
To ensure that things go well for all cross-country enthusiasts during the event, there is a new and free cross-country camp on Friday 26 March where well trained instructors from the Galtür Ski School offer technical tips for the tracks. Participants can also try out the latest materials from Fischer on-site and, for example, complete a full-body workout at Fischer Skiletics Training. Children aged 8 to 14 can put their skills to the test on the obstacle course and receive a little surprise. The cross-country camp in Galtür opens its doors at 9:00 and is open all day.

Premiere: Cross Country Climb on 27 March 2021
On Saturday 27 March 2021, the first cross-country run will be taking place through wonderful Vermunt in the form of the Cross Country Climb. Participants can opt for the HARD route (31.8 km over 861m of altitude) or LIGHT (16.0 km over 377m of altitude). The people’s race is open to all and starts out at 8:00 from Galtür towards Bielerhöhe and back again. Winners of the HARD route can claim a total prize money of 2,100 euros. Savings tip: if you register before 31.12.2020, you will pay 29 euros starting fee for the Light route and 35 euros for the Hard route. Before 28.02.2021, the fees are 33 or 39 euros and from 01.03.2021 43 or 49 euros.

Premiere: cross-country race for school children and Galtür XC Team Relay on 28 March 2021
On Sunday 28 March 2021, school children born between 2007 and 2010 will open the new race track at 10:00 with their freestyle technique. The aim is to complete the 2.5 km circular route between Wirl and Galtür covering 51m of altitude as quickly as possible, twice in succession. The race is part of the Austria Cup. Starting fee: 7.50 euros per person.
An hour later, at 11:00, adult skaters set off for the first Galtür XC Team Relay in groups of three, men’s and women’s. Whether a club of amateurs: here too, each relay skier has to complete the 2.5 km route twice in succession using freestyle technique. The times for all three team members are added together and the fastest wins. The participation fee is 10 euros per skier.

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