Strudelfest of the Seefeld Publicans

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Savoury or sweet, fruity and crispy. The Seefeld restaurateurs are offering completely different varieties of this classic Austrian delicacy. As well as the biggest choice of strudels in the Tyrol, there will be authentic folk music, performances by the Seefelder Plattler traditional dance group and exciting entertainment for our younger guests.

Culinary indulgence is a byword in Seefeld and the local gastronomy is renowned far and wide for its excellent standards. The Strudel Festival, organised by the Seefeld restaurateurs and being held from 11.00 on Sunday, July 08, has established itself as a traditional festival of this special cuisine. The chefs and pastry makers in the region are already working hard to impress gourmets with their level of skills. There is something for everyone on offer: from roast pork and beer-cabbage strudel to a vegan variation with quinoa and mushrooms through to sweet specialities like a chocolate-pear strudel, a cherry-pine nut strudel or blueberry-curd cheese strudel. Anyone who cannot make their mind up can sample tasting portions at very reasonable prices from over 20 stands.

Bound by Tradition

Traditional folk music bands from the Tyrol and Bavaria will be playing with enthusiasm the whole day through in the pedestrian area (of course, with no external stimulants!).

“It´s showtime” for the Seefelder Plattler dance group. The young Seefelders draw crowds with their acrobatic displays of slapping and stamping to the sound of an accordion.

Plenty of Options for the Smallest Visitors

The tiny ones will flock to the varied children’s programme in the village square to try out the fun games of skill in different locations. A special design team is managing a suitable look for the festival and everyone is invited to enjoy their strudel in a traditional outfit.


There is no charge for entry to the event.

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Strudelfest ©TVB Olympiaregion Seefeld
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