The Stubai Valley is alive with music

Music sweeps through the glacial valley during the summer months.

Performances of the "Stubaier Alphornbläser" are very popular.
Performances of the "Stubaier Alphornbläser" are very popular. ©TVB Stubai Tirol/Andre Schönherr

The people of Stubai are a thoroughly musical lot. They love getting together regularly to make music. Their talents create some of the best musical performances both privately and publicly. Such as when performing in brass bands, of which there is one in each of the five Stubai villages. Solo artists and music ensembles from different genres frequently perform at the chalets and hilltop farms, in the mountain pastures and in the valley villages.

As well as its entertainment value, music plays a very valuable social role in bringing together different generations and connecting people from around the world. Both these aspects apply in the Stubai Valley. The five brass bands have a number of longstanding members, some in their seventies or eighties, who act as mentors to the young musical talent and still regularly perform alongside them, for instance at the spring concerts and promenade concerts in the valley. On these occasions, as well as during other musical festivities, visitors get to know the locals and international exchange takes place.

Summer is peak season for the brass bands in the Stubai Valley.
Summer is peak season for the brass bands in the Stubai Valley. ©TVB Stubai Tirol

Promenade concerts and festival processions
April already saw the start of the year's spring concerts with band performances. These will then be continued with promenade concerts, which are due to take place at regular intervals at the five different village pavilions. The band Musikkapelle Neustift is due to perform from 16 June until 22 August (always on a Friday), the band Musikkapelle Mieders from 21 June until 13 September (every Wednesday) and the band Musikkapelle Fulpmes (also always on a Wednesday) from 14 June until 05 July. The band Musikkapelle Telfes will be performing summer concerts in its pavilion on five dates from 23 June, and every second week the band Musikkapelle Schönberg combines music and culinary art in the park from 06 July.

But it's not just for this concert series that musicians bring out their instruments. They also support processions on Catholic holidays, march along during the traditional ‘Schützenfesten’ or ‘shooting matches’ and represent the valley during regional music festivals.

Musical mountain world
The sounds during the Stubai summer carry all the way up into the mountains, where the music resonates throughout the stunning alpine surroundings. Like when the young musicians perform on 18 June with Schneid und Freid at the Panoramarestaurant Koppeneck located at the Serlesbahnen hiking resort in Mieders, or even up there during the Stubaier G’spiel und G’sang event on 02 July, on 06 August, on 03 and 17 September 2016 with traditional folk music from alpine pasture to alpine pasture all around the Serles mountain. On 13 August, the picturesque mountain pastures and meadows of the Pinnistal Valley in Neustift form the stage for musicians coming from all corners of the Alpine region. Namely then at the 21st Stubaier Almklang, where the ‘Weisenbläsertreffen’ music event awaits. As part of ‘Einklang in den Almklang’ individual groups meet the day before on 12 August at the restaurants situated in the Neustift village square.

The Stubai Valley mountain fairs also boast a thoroughly musical style. They take place on 10 June at the Starkenburger Hütte, on 09 July and on 09 September in Kreuzjoch at the Schlick 2000 ski centre, as well as on 06 August in the Schaufelspitz chapel at the Stubai Glacier.

When bringing the cattles down from the alpine meadows music is simply a part of it.
When bringing the cattles down from the alpine meadows music is simply a part of it. ©TVB Stubai Tirol

Village music events
In 2017, Fulpmes is to be elevated to the status of the first market community in the Stubai Valley, which of course is a reason to celebrate. The first Fulpmes Festival will take place with many fantastic events from 25 until 28 May, along with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the town's twinning with Villepreux.

Just one month later on 24 June Fulpmes will once again play host to the Stubai summer music festival – the Stubaier Sommerfest der Volksmusik – at the music pavilion with roofed festival grounds. The Zellberg Buam music group from the Ziller Valley will be sure to deliver a great party atmosphere.

Seats are to be had at the popular Stubaier Musikkarussell event in Neustift, every Thursday from 29 June until 31 August. The village square transforms into a giant open-air stage, which hosts numerous renowned pop and traditional folk music bands who enthuse visitors. Young ‘Schuhplattler’ performances are on offer from 04 July until 29 August every Tuesday – which can also be found in the village centre church square in Fulpmes – during the music events series ‘G’musigt und getanzt’.

The summer’s series of events will enjoy a slight extension with the Stubai Autumn Highlights from 09 until 16 September. Visitors can expect lots of traditional events in addition to the musical highlights in the mountains and the valley. The annual ‘Almabtrieb’ cow train event is even something to get excited about now with its decorated cattle, its regional culinary specialities and the exclusive Amigos concert on 15 September in Fulpmes.

One last major performance by a renowned band can be enjoyed at the third ‘Stubaier Kaiserschmarrenfest’ culinary event on 29 September at the Kampler See. Who that will be and what the festival will have to offer is still top-secret.

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  • Performances of the "Stubaier Alphornbläser" are very popular.

  • Summer is peak season for the brass bands in the Stubai Valley.

  • When bringing the cattles down from the alpine meadows music is simply a part of it.