The WMTRC 2023 Innsbruck-Stubai in numbers

Last updated on 13.06.2023

The 2nd World Mountain and Trail Running Championships were a real success. Without the tireless work of the organizing team in the lead-up and the support of a host of volunteers from all over the world during the competitions, it would have been impossible to execute the four race days and the fringe program. We have compiled the most important facts and numbers to reflect the sheer scope of the event. The only thing that cannot be expressed in numbers is the spectators’ enthusiasm and the buzz, however, judging by the levels of noise and the number of flags brandished along the routes, it seemed to be boundless. No wonder, having a WC staged on home turf is something truly special.

Womens Vertical flower cermony at the Elferhaus in Stubaital valley. © Roast Media

68 nations have sent athletes to participate in the WMTRC in Innsbruck-Stubai.

1,300 athletes have started at the 2nd edition of combined World Championships for mountain and trail runners.

400 volunteers have contributed to the execution of the World Championships, with 100 of them coming from different corners of the globe.

34 hours of live streaming have been broadcast  – sending spectacular drone footage around the world with commentary provided in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese, while cameramen on the ground chased the athletes to provide close-up images. The program was completed by interviews and route data as well as graphics.

300 flags. The routes in Innsbruck-Stubai were marked with a total of 300 purple flags that were attached to trees and bushes by Simon von Hubatius, Head of Routing, and his team of 13 aides.

70 sprays. Arrows were sprayed on the ground wherever possible to point the way, using up 350 cans of biodegradable chalk spray in the process.

350 signs made of reusable material were erected along the route as well as the WMTRC venues in Neustift and Innsbruck.

6,000 liters worth of drinks were provided along the official routes to keep the athletes hydrated during the races.

200 kilograms of bananas and 250 kilograms of apples were provided to keep the athletes nourished and energized.

11,000 portions of food were handed out to the athletes by the 50-strong catering team.


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