Top-Stop of the Hike & Fly Trophy in the Stubai Valley

Last updated on 04.09.2023

In the beautiful Stubai Valley, under the motto “Find your Path”, the Wanderbird Team, around Aaron Durogati and Paul Guschlbauer, invited to the Wanderbird Hike & Fly Trophy from 02 to 03 September 2023. With an impressive international starting field of 120 registered pilots and a great atmosphere, the unique event concept presented itself in Neustift. The event was accompanied by best weather and offered a fascinating supporting program, which was not only an enrichment for competition participants, but for everyone.

Hike Fly Trophy-Stubai 2023-c-Maximilian Gierl (143)
Participants of the Hike & Fly Trophy in the Stubai Valley on their way to the starting point on Mt. Elfer. © Maximilian Gierl

The Wanderbird Hike & Fly Trophies consist of the exciting categories FUN, TOUR and HERO. Each category offers its own challenge and allows athletes to improve their skills and achieve their personal goals. The race started at the Parafly flight school in Neustift and led to the first turning point Elferhütte. The race continued on the opposite side of the valley to the Sennjochhütte. To have successfully passed a turnpoint, participants must take a ‘selfie’ with the turnpoint sign, which must then be sent to the race organizers. Finally they reached the finish again at the starting point and thus one lap of the Fun category was 23 km. The TOUR category had to reach one more turnpoint and this came to a total distance of 31.5 km. The participants of the HERO category had to complete the round twice, so even the professionals, with over 60km distance, got their money’s worth.

Hike Fly Trophy-Stubai 2023-c-Maximilian Gierl (134)
Participant of the Hike & Fly Trophy in the Stubai Valley at the Turnpoint Elfer. © Maximilian Gierl

The fascinating thing about the Hike & Fly Trophy is not only the alpine route itself, but also the possibility to start in one of the three different categories with different requirements. Athletes in the FUN category are allowed to use cable cars as an ascent aid, while this is not permitted for participants in the TOUR and HERO categories.
To ensure that both the enthusiastic spectators on site and those at home had the feeling of being there live with the athletes, the race could be followed in real time via Burnair Map’s live tracking. In addition, spectators were regularly kept up to date with social media updates from the participants. As a local social program, DJ Andrea provided a pleasant atmosphere with relaxed music, Daniela from Unbound offered great coffee specialties with a cool Coffee bike. Further delicacies were provided by our catering over the event weekend.

Hike Fly Trophy-Stubai 2023-c-Maximilian Gierl (112)
Spectators Area at the Hike and Fly Trophy in the Stubai Valley. © Maximilian Gierl

An “After Race Party” at the village square of Neustift, where the band Janka provided a great atmosphere, rounded off the exciting day perfectly. There, the day’s winners were rewarded with over €5,000 in prize money and additional gifts. The prizes were presented by Mayor Andreas Gleirscher, Stubai Tourism Association, represented by Roland Volderauer and Herbert Hofer, and Andreas Mantl and Thomas Maier from the Raiffeisenbanken Stubaital Wipptal. The purpose of this award is to emphasize the appreciation for the participation in this challenging competition and to promote the professionalization of the sport Hike & Fly in the long term.

Hike Fly Trophy-Stubai 2023-c-Maximilian Gierl (11)
Paraglider in the air at the Hike & Fly Trophy in the Stubai Valley. © Maximilian Gierl

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