WMTRC 2023: Let’s create magic moments!

Last updated on 17.02.2023

The organizers of the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships are looking for “Cheering Crews” to motivate the athletes along the routes and all the way across the finishing line as well as to provide flair and emotions.

The World Mountain and Trail Running Championships are approaching fast, and the stars of the scene will come together in Innsbruck-Stubai from June 6 to 10. Feelings are set to be running high along the routes, and it seems to be a given for the most exciting moments of the ten contests to go viral. Livestream and Social Media will be operating non-stop.

The mood will develop on and along the routes. Who hasn’t seen images depicting the “heroes of the road” fighting their way up Mont Ventoux or conquering the ascent to towards Alpe d’Huez during the Tour de France, cheered on by thousands of people that leave just enough space for a cyclist and his two-wheeled steed to pass?

WMTRC23_Cheering Crew-c-Laufwerkstatt-Philipp Reiter
“Cheering Crews“ are being sought for the 2023 Innsbruck-Stubai Mountain Running and Trail Running World Championships until May 1st. © Laufwerkstatt/Philipp Reiter

“It’s the atmosphere and the images that turn a sports event into something big and unforgettable,” says Alexander Pittl, head of the local organizing committee. “The athletes’ accomplishments are unbelievable, irrespective of whether they complete 7 or 85 kilometers – they deserve to be cheered on and motivated.”

And this is why Pittl and his team have come up with the idea of a “Cheering Crew”.

After all, what’s better than being able to do what one does best and to do it with dear ones? Of course, the question is a hypothetical one, however, Pittl is ready with an answer: “All of us love being on the trails, at events or parties with our friends, and this is why we believe that groups of friends would love to spend a good time in Innsbruck-Stubai.”

The benefits are manifold: You can spend time with familiar faces. You can cheer on your favorite athletes in the company of others. And groups of more than 12 people can expect a number of goodies.

Cheering Crews can sign up until May 1. If you’d like to find out more, send an email to info@innsbruck-stubai2023.com now to get further information. The subject is clear: “Cheering Crew”.


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