WMTRC 2023 attracts avid runners with “public races”

Last updated on 03.04.2023

In about two months’ time, the world’s running elite will come together to compete in the WMTRC 2023 in Innsbruck-Stubai. In the lead-up to the event, avid runners have the chance to put their abilities to test by participating in “public races” on two of the WMTRC routes. On June 6, prior to the opening ceremony, participants of the KRONE Race to Höll can check out one of the WMTRC routes, while the SPORTLER Vertical leads runners from Neustift im Stubai to the Elferhütte on June 7, covering 1,020 meters in altitude. Registration for both races is open with immediate effect.

Spectators at the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships (WMTRC) can expect to see awe-inspiring performances – but is it really possible to comprehend the true nature of the challenge, of the athletes’ achievements? Alexander Pittl, WMTRC organizer and himself a successful marathon runner as well as a qualified running therapist, is certain: “For the majority of runners it is difficult to imagine what it means to cover 85 kilometers and 5,500 meters in altitude in the fastest time possible. However, the Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival offers the chance for a comparison.”

That being said, the IATF is not the only event offering public races; the public can put their abilities to the test during two runs – the KRONE Race to Höll and the SPORTLER Vertical – in the lead-up to the WMTRC. Two runs, open to everyone, leading along the same routes as the title races.

The KRONE Race to Höll 

We are happy to announce the KRONE Race to Höll, set to take place on the afternoon of June 6, just before the 2nd World Mountain and Trail Running Championships will be kicked off with a sublime opening ceremony, and open to anyone wanting to participate.

A run through the sports capital of the Alps Innsbruck, may not be missing at the World Cup and the public races of course. On June 6, the ‘KRONE Race to Höll’ will be a steep climb for all running enthusiasts. © WMTRC 2023 / Roast Media

Once the starting gun has been fired at 4:30 PM, you will set off on the same course as the future World Champions, covering 6.6 kilometers and  313 meters of altitude on trails that are in close proximity to the city center, leading to Gramart before descending along a passage called “hell” – possibly thanks to its technically demanding nature – to finally arrive where you should be: Outside the Tyrolean State Theater in the heart of Innsbruck, to attend the WMTRC23 Opening Ceremony, starting from 6:00 PM.

Save the Date: June 6, 4:30 PM, KRONE Race to Höll (6.6 km, 313 meters in altitude)

The SPORTLER Vertical

Would you like to find out whether you have what it takes to participate in the WMTRC title races? Or would you like to know how much faster than you the elite runners are going to be? Or would you just like to make your way to the Elferhütte in order to find the best spot from where to cheer on the mountain running champs on their way to the finishing line?

Elferhuette Neustift-c-Elferhuette
On June 7, the ‘SPORTLER Vertical’ will start at 11 a.m. for all those interested from Neustift in the Stubai via the mountain station of the Elfer lift up to the Elferhütte at 2,004 meters above sea level. © Elferhuette Neustift

Whatever the case may be …: On June 7, starting from 11:00, anyone interested can participate in an open run leading from Neustift im Stubai via the Elferlift summit station all the way to the Elferhütte, located at 2,004 meters above sea level. Over 7.3 kilometers, the route covers a whopping 1,020 meters in altitude and has all the ingredients to make for a demanding Vertical.

Save the Date: June 7, 11:00 AM, SPORTLER Vertical (7.3 km, 1,020 meters in altitude)

“Running on an official WMTRC route and getting a glimpse of a top athlete’s ordeal is an experience not to be missed,” says Pittl. Because one thing is certain: There are various races of that kind, however, the constellation of having the public run before the elite is going to crown their World Champions is probably a once-in-a-lifetime event in Tyrol.

Registration is open at: my.raceresult.com


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