634 competitors at the E-Bike World Championships in Ischgl

Last updated on 16.08.2021

A flood of medals in Ischgl: On 14 August 2021 at the third edition of the E-Bike World Championships for Everyone, an incredible 104 World Championship titles were awarded in the categories “Everyone” and “Elite”. Fastest among the men was Daniel Klemme from Germany, and the fastest finisher in the women’s was Jaqueline Mariacher from Austria.

“Elite”- Winner Daniel Klemme © E-Bike World Federation

The E-Bike WC for Everyone was held from 13 to 14 August in Ischgl. The world’s biggest e-bike race, for which participants from 10 years of age could register for their very own challenge, to match their individual skills. In the categories “Everyone” and “Elite”, a total of 634 competitors lined up for the start. “A most considerable number of avid e-bikers, who enjoyed this new transport and demonstrated endurance, in order to achieve one of the coveted titles”, organiser Dr. Markus Mitterdorfer stated with great satisfaction.

Diverse paths in the most beautiful mountain panorama at the E-Bike World Championship 2021 in Ischgl © E-Bike World Federation

In brilliant sunshine the athletes took the opportunity to do themselves and their bodies some good, meet liked-minded people and discover the latest trends from the e-biking scene. 104 World Championships titles were awarded. The representatives from Ischgl were delighted with the successful and well-received E-Bike World Championships for everyone, held in Ischgl for the first time.

In the category “Elite”, the fastest time over the 32 km long, technically challenging route with some 1,025 m difference in altitude, was decisive. Here, the world championship titles were awarded to the fastest men and women in their respective age classes. The day’s fastest finishers were Daniel Klemme from Germany with 01:02:47.1 in the men’s and Jaqueline Mariacher from Austria with 1:09:38.2 in the women’s.

Demanding trails awaited the “elite” at the E-Bike World Championship 2021 in Ischgl © E-Bike World Federation

In the category “Everyone” with 24 km and 693 m difference in altitude on wide trails with an impressive mountain backdrop, riders competed against three time limits in gold, silver and bronze. Those who finished under the time limits were awarded with official Everyone-gold, -silver or -bronze medals. The 97 gold medal winners can now also call themselves e-bike world champions. Service-stations such as E-Bike-Wash & -Charge and E-Bike-Check ensured things proceeded smoothly.

“Home of E-Bikes” presented the e-bike novelties from various manufacturers, the “Home of E-Mobility” showcased the e-cars and the “E-Bike Expo” had its sight on the latest accessories. A Bike-Challenge from 0-24 km/h offered the opportunity for a personal challenge. Smooth sounds, cool drinks, snacks and the chill-out area all combined to make for a great day out.

The E-Bike WC exhibition area offers a wide range of options © E-Bike World Federation

Save-the-date: The next E-Bike-World Championsships for everyone will be held on 2nd and 3rd September 2022 in Ischgl.


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