Direct flights resume between Innsbruck and Frankfurt

Last updated on 04.05.2022

The introduction of the winter 21/22 flight schedule brought with it the end of direct flights between Innsbruck and Frankfurt. The day before yesterday (Monday, 2 May 2022), however, flights finally resumed between Innsbruck Airport and Frankfurt, one of the world’s busiest air-traffic hubs. The first arrival from Frankfurt landed right on time at 17:45 in Innsbruck to much celebration.

From left to right: Innsbruck Airport CEO, Marco Pernetta; Head of Innsbruck Tourism Board, Mario Gerber; Supervisory Board Chairwoman, Paula Stecher; members of the Allerheiligen Marksmen Club; Regional Economic Councillor, Anton Mattle; Air Dolomiti Chief Commercial Officer, Paolo Sgaramella. Innsbruck Airport © Nicole Kehle

Marco Pernetta, Chief Executive Officer of Innsbruck Airport, was on hand together with Paolo Sgaramarella, Chief Commercial Officer of Air Dolomiti, and representatives from politics, business and tourism to welcome the Embraer 195 on its arrival from Frankfurt. The crew and passengers on board the flight operated by Air Dolomiti were treated to a special welcome as they touched down in Innsbruck.

For Marco Pernetta the resumption of direct flights between Innsbruck and Frankfurt is an important step: “We are now finally able to offer our passengers and guests direct flights to and from Frankfurt, one of the world’s most important international airports. It is a particular pleasure that this route is being operated by a renowned airline like Air-Dolomiti, which is a subsidiary of Lufthansa.”

Paolo Sgaramella, who travelled all the way from Verona to Innsbruck to be at the landing”, underlined the importance of the Innsbruck-Frankfurt route for Air Dolomiti: “We are delighted that the air travel industry is picking up momentum once again. Until just a few months ago the idea of getting back to normal was still a distant prospect. Today, however, I can say that it has finally become reality.”

He also emphasised that “the challenges of flying into Innsbruck Airport has given Air Dolomiti the opportunity to further develop the skills of our pilots”. In recognition of this hard work, Air Dolomiti has become the first Italian airline to be granted permission by the Austrian air traffic authority Austro Control and the Italian air traffic authority ENAC (Ente Nazionale per l‘Aviazione Civile) to use the ultra-modern RNP AR (Required Navigation Performance Authorization Required) landing protocol, which makes it possible to complete the tricky landing in Innsbruck even in bad weather.

“The connection between Innsbruck and Frankfurt has a long tradition, so we are delighted to have the honour of operating flights on this route,” added Paolo Sgaramella.

Air Dolomti at Innsbruck airport. © Nicole Kehle

Until 14 May 2022 there will be one flight a day to and from Frankfurt. On 15 May 2022 there will be two flights. From 16 May 2022 there will be three flights a day between Innsbruck and Frankfurt, including early morning and late evening services important for business travellers. The resumption of flights to Frankfurt means Innsbruck is once again part of Lufthansa‘s international network serving airports around the world.

Flight times from 16 May 2022

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About Air Dolomiti
Founded in 1991, the Italian airline Air Dolomiti is based in Verona. Since 2003 it has been a subsidiary of Lufthansa and mainly operates flights to and from Frankfurt and Munich on behalf of Lufthansa. Air Dolomiti has a fleet of 16 Embraer 195 airplanes with a maximum capacity of 120 passengers (depending on the seating configuration). For more information about Air Dolomiti please visit


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