Stunning, steep and spectacular – the Stubai Ultratrail on 2 July 2022

Last updated on 02.05.2022

The STUBAI ULTRATRAIL (SUT) is one of the most stunning and spectacular trail runs in the Alps. The run starts at 1 o’clock in the morning in the Olympic city of Innsbruck. After that it continues through the night over a distance of 68 kilometres to the finish on the Stubai Glacier, which is situated at an altitude of more than 3,000 metres. Three shorter runs, which likewise have their finish lines on the glacier, as well as the newly added STUBAI VERTICAL round off the programme.

The STUBAI ULTRATRAIL is considered to be one of the most spectacular trail running events overall thanks to its unique route. Under the apt slogan of ‘city2glacier’, the run starts at 1 o’clock in the morning in Innsbruck and extends over a distance of 68 kilometres and more than 5,000 metres of climbing up to the Stubai Glacier;it includes a steepfinal ascent over snow to the finish at the ‘Jochdohle’ restaurant, which is situated at an altitude of exactly 3,178 metres. Gradients of 20% to 30% are not uncommon. Around 8:30 hours is the time it takes the fastest men to get to the finish line, while the fastest women need around 10 hours. There are shorter trails that are however no less interesting. These are the STUBAI K32, the STUBAI K20 and the STUBAI K9. What they all have in common is the final ascent to the glacier.

The STUBAI ULTRATRAIL is considered to be one of the most spectacular trail running events overall thanks to its unique route. © Harald Wisthaler

Target groups: trail runners and mountain-savvy athletes

The STUBAI ULTRATRAIL appeals to very different types of runners. Given that a rather small proportion of the trail length is downhill, trail running beginners and experienced runners will also be able to find their ideal races that are, moreover, easy on the knees. In addition, they will be joined by all mountain-savvy outdoor athletes who are looking for a challenge in the ascent, in particular; these include traditional mountain runners, ski tourers, mountain climbers, mountain bikers and athletic hikers. Experienced ultra runners ultimately appreciate the variety of the route and the unique atmosphere of the SUT.

The stunning Grawa Waterfall is one of the marvellous locations, participants pass while running the Stubai Ultratrail. © Harald Wisthaler


The newest addition to the programme for 2022 is the STUBAI VERTICAL: 890 metres of climbing over a distance of 5.3 kilometres, starting in Neustift and finishing at the Elfer lifts mountain station, which is situated at an altitude of almost 1,800 metres. The run starts on the Thursday evening already, at 7 p.m., and can be booked individually or also, for a small surcharge of 12 euros, by those participating in the other runs. The VERTICAL is ideal for all participants from the region but also for those who use the SUT to enjoy an extended weekend in Stubai.

Start of the Stubai Ultratrail is at 01.00 am in Innsbruck. © WIESER STEPHAN

Overview of the different routes:

STUBAI ULTRATRAIL „city2glacier“: 68 kilometres, 5.356 meters in ascent, 2.796 meters in descent. Start: 1 am, Innsbruck Landestheater.

STUBAI K32: 32,7 kilometres, 3.100 meters in ascent, 965 meters in descent,

Start: 9 am in Neustift.

STUBAI K20: 20 kilometres, 2.138 meters in ascent, 197 meters in descent,

Start: 10 am in Klaus Äuele at Falbeson.

STUBAI K9: 9 kilometres, 1.446 meters in ascent, 49 meters in descent,

Start: 12 pm at the Valley station „Mutterberg“ at the Stubai Glacier.

STUBAI VERTICAL: 5,3 kilometres, 890 meters in ascent, 90 meters in descent, Start: Thursday 19 pm, Village center Neustift.

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