Successful cross-country event premiere in Galtür

Last updated on 31.03.2022

From March 24 to 27, 2022, cross-country skiers were able to take part in several competitions for the first time at the 1st Galtür Nordic Volumes. A total of 490 runners from 13 nations competed in the Galtür Nordic Night Race, the new Cross-Country Climb, the Schoolchildren’s Race and the three-man relay Galtür XC Team Relay for a total prize money of 10,000 euros. Save the Date: The next Galtür Nordic Volumes will take place from March 23 to 26, 2023.

Beaming winners and sunshine at the event kick-off in Galtür: 490 amateur and professional skiers from 13 nations came to the premiere of the four-day event series Galtür Nordic Volumes to compete for a total of 10,000 euros in three cross-country races that count towards the Austria Cup.

Fantastic weather paired with excellent competitions – the Galtür Nordic Volumes 2022 © TVB Paznaun-Ischgl

Exciting head-to-head races at the Galtür Nordic Night Race

The Galtür Nordic Volumes began on March 24 with the popular Galtür Nordic Night Race, which was held for the third time in 2022. The individual race, which was designed as a night-time cross-country sprint on the plain, attracted 181 (93 adults and 88 children) participants. After a qualification round, the 16 fastest men and women went on to the final runs. The final races were held in a knockout format over two rounds of 700 meters each. The finalists started the fight for the total prize money in groups of four, from each of which the two fastest advanced. In the men’s race, Michael Hellweger from Italy won gold, Livio Matossi from Switzerland silver and Thomas Spötzel from Germany bronze. In the women’s race Laura Gimmler from Germany fought her way to 1st place, Teresa Stadlober from Austria to 2nd place and Lena Keck from Germany to 3rd place. 1st place in the children’s race over 700 meters was secured by Heidi Bucher. Leni Deutsch won 1st place in the children’s race over 350m.

Laura Gimmel – winner at the Galtür Nordic Night Race © TVB Paznaun-Ischgl

Successful premiere: Cross-Country Climb to the Bieler Höhe

On March 26, 2022, the new Cross-Country Climb, the first people’s cross-country race through the idyllic Vermunt, took place. In the race in free technique, in which there was also a classification for the Austrian championship, the 241 participants on the way from Galtür to the Bieler Höhe could decide between the routes HARD (31.8 kilometres over 861 meters of altitude) and LIGHT (16 kilometres over 377 meters of altitude). Gold on the HARD course went to Janosch Brugger from Germany with a time of 1:11:26.5 hours in the men’s race and Laura Gimmler from Germany with 1:18:05.6 hours in the women’s race. The LIGHT course was finished fastest by Tristan Wenzel from Germany in 34:01.7 minutes and Lena Keck from Germany in 37:40.3 minutes.

Cross Country Climb from Galtür up Bieler Höhe © TVB Paznaun-Ischgl

New cross-country race for schoolchildren

With a mass start on March 27, 2022, pupils born between 2008 and 2011 opened their new racecourse in free technique. The aim was to complete the 2.5-kilometer circuit with 51 meters of altitude difference between Wirl and Galtür as quickly as possible twice in succession. Hannah Galler from Austria and Elias See from Austria fought their way to the top of the podium.

New Galtür XC Team Relay

On the same course just one hour later, adult runners started in women’s and men’s three-person relays at the first Galtür XC Team Relay on March 27. Here, each relay runner had to complete the 2.5-kilometer course twice in succession using the free technique. The times of the three team members were added together. Gold with the fastest overall time went to Team WANG in the men’s race and Team Sportfreunde Chiller in the women’s race. The race was scored for the Austrian Club Championship.

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